Spanish 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1 Bottle Box (16.9 fl oz) from GringoCool

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No bells and whistles here,… just quality and value. Instead of spending a ton of money on fancy labels, fancy painted bottles or cans, and fancy, flimsy packaging, our primary goal is to provide a top quality organic extra virgin olive oil at a competitive price. When you buy Cold Pressed Elixir you are paying for the quality olive oil primarily, not the bottle, packaging and trips to international competitions to compete for prizes. A strong secondary goal of Cold Pressed Elixir is to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible. Our extra virgin olive oil is certified organic. It is produced with zero chemical inputs. It is a natural, first cold pressed olive juice. And our packaging is simple. We use a wide based, colored glass bottle for stability on the tabletop, craft paper labels and simple double corrugated cardboard for the packaging which assures the safe arrival of our product to your doorstep. Our olive oil motto is “No bells and whistles, just simple quality!”

  • Smooth, rich olive flavor – First cold pressed – 100% organic
  • Single source of Picual olives from Andalusia, Spain
  • No middle men between Spain and your table – quality assured!
  • Simple bottling and packaging, to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible
  • Perfect for salads, seasoning and finishing foods.

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