La Tienda Peregrino Chorizo Pamplona (1.3 lb/500 grams)

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Thick and hearty Pamplona chorizo is a favorite in the Basque Country. Chorizos such as these are consumed in prodigious quantities during the running of the bulls in the famous Feria de San Fermín. This tasty slicing chorizo, made from an authentic Spanish recipe and offered exclusively at La, is infused with rich Pimentón de la Vera, a unique smoked paprika native to one valley in western Spain. It lends a distinctly rich smoky flavor and a lush red color. Slice this generously sized sausage to serve your guests as a tapa with Manchego sheep’s milk cheese, olives or Jamón. Or get a crusty roll and make a traditional Spanish bocadillo sandwich.

  • Is a delectable dry-cured sausage
  • Is infused with rich smoked paprika, lending a delicious smoked flavor and lush red coloring
  • Thick and hearty, it is perfect for tapas, a party, or even a traditional Spanish sandwich

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