Berberechos, Cockles In Brine, Wild Caught (Pack of 3) 4 oz Tin - Iberia

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These wild caught cockles are a rare treat from the coast of Spain. A cockle is a small, somewhat heart-shaped, saltwater clam that is known for its soft texture and exquisite flavor. Collecting them is hard work, and is usually done by raking them from the sands at low tide. Packaged in brine, they are a delicious appetizer and a unique ingredient for your favorite recipe. They’re loaded with clean protein, iron, vitamins and minerals. Oh, and they’re also naturally gluten free & low carb with no artificial flavors or preservatives. These little treasures are easy to open, pre-cooked and ready to eat. Just pop the top and enjoy!

– Fresh from the tin with lemon and a touch of parsley.
– Boiled, then seasoned with malt vinegar and white pepper.
– Fried with bacon and served with bread.
– Tossed with soy sauce, sugar, and sriracha hot chili pepper sauce.
– Baked with minced garlic, lime zest, parsley and olive oil.

  • 4 ounce, ready to eat, tin – (Pack of 3)
  • Classic seafood with a soft texture & exquisite flavor
  • Wild caught delicacy from the coast of Spain
  • Nutritional powerhouse packed with protein & iron
  • Gluten free, low carb, with no artificial flavors or preservatives

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